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Periodontal Probe UNC 15/23 Standard Solid Handle

UNC 15 Periodontal Probe & Shepherd’s Hook Explorer 23 Standard Solid Handle.

The combination of a UNC 15 periodontal probe and a Shepherd’s Hook Explorer 23 is often used by dental professionals for a comprehensive examination of the periodontal health and condition of a patient’s teeth and gums.


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Periodontal Probe & Explorer UNC 15/23 Standard Solid Handle.


The Perio Probe UNC 15/23 combines the University of North Carolina Probe 15 and Explorer 23, providing a specialized solution for periodontal probing and accurate measurement of periodontal pocket depth.

  • UNC Designation: The “UNC” stands for the University of North Carolina probe design. It’s a commonly used periodontal probe design that features markings in millimeters.
  • Periodontal Probing: The Perio Probe UNC 15/23 is used to measure the depth of gum pockets around teeth. It’s an essential tool in assessing the health of the gums and detecting gum diseases like periodontitis.
  • Millimeter Markings: The probe will have millimeter markings along its tip, allowing dentists to measure the depth of the gum pockets accurately.
  • Shepherd’s Hook Explorer 23:  The Shepherd’s Hook Explorer 23 complements UNC 15/23 Probe Explorer by allowing the dentist to explore tooth surfaces for irregularities and deposits, which can contribute to periodontal issues.
  • Standard Solid Handle:  Standard Solid handle for comfortable grip.


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