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Hygienist Sickle Scaler H6/H7 Anterior

Hygienist Sickle Scaler H6/H7 Anterior Ergonomic Hollow Handle.

  • The working end’s face is positioned perpendicular to the terminal shank.
  • The working end of the instrument features a pointed tip, a pointed back, two cutting edges, and a triangular cross-section.


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Hygienist Sickle Scaler #H6/7 Anterior Ergonomic Hollow Handle


  • The thin, contraangle design is specifically intended for interproximal areas.
  • The shank angulation ensures easy access to all anterior and premolar surfaces.
  • Crafted with the purpose of removing supragingival calculus.
  • The ergonomic hollow handle refers to a handle design that is both comfortable and user-friendly, featuring a hollow interior. This design aims to provide an optimal grip and reduce strain or discomfort during use.
  • Constructed using Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.


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