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Hu-Friedy Mirror #5 Double US-Thread 6/PK

Hu-Friedy Double-Sided Front Surface Mouth Mirror #5 6/PK

Tip Diameter: 15/16″ (24 mm)

Double-sided Cone Socket mirror. 1-5/16 in. (24mm) diameter.


Hu-Friedy Double-Sided Front Surface Mouth Mirror #5 6/PK


Rhodium-coated to resist scratching, Hu-Friedy’s front surface mirrors provide sharp and distortion free images with a smooth finish for patient comfort. The Ergonomic and stream-lined design of the double-sided mirror allows for maximum patient comfort and efficient cleaning due to crevice-free construction.


  • Rhodium coating to resist scratching
  • Front surface for sharp, distortion free images
  • Smoothly finished for patient comfort
  • A thin profile, stream-lined design for less bulk
  • A unique retractor shank design for increased patient comfort
  • Allow clinicians to maintain indirect vision or indirect illumination
  • Two mirror faces allows for enhanced illumination and visibility, in any position




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