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East West Orthodontic instruments are crafted from the finest quality stainless steel. Our product offering includes a wide range of Orthodontic Instruments. Many of the East West Instruments used for orthodontic treatment are unique to the discipline of orthodontics. Knowledge of these instruments and their uses is critically important for manufacturers and practitioners. East West Instruments Inc. produces wide range of Dental Instruments including a full line of Ortho Instruments. Some of the highly popular ortho instruments include but not limited to Distal End Cutters, Wire Cutter/Pin and Ligature Cutter, Howe Utility Pliers, Bird Beak Pliers, Separating Pliers, Band Pusher, Bite Stick, Band Burnisher, Posterior Band Remover, Bracket Holder or Bracket Tweezers, & Titanium Nitride Coated Plastic Filling Instruments…

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The First Bioactive Restorative Materials




Bioactive materials that behave favorably in the moist oral environment, neutralize conditions that cause dental caries, provide prevention benefits, and maximize the potential for remineralization will become the accepted standard of dental care…

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Dental & Dentistry

Forceps are dental instruments used to retract tissues and facilitate suturing, grasping objects and holding them securely. Forceps come in different shapes, angles and sizes; each style is designed for specific purposes. Extraction forceps are hinged and used to remove teeth in one piece with the crown and root intact.

Embrace™ Restoration & PFM Repair Kit

The latest generation of porcelain repair products uses First-Coat in place of silane. First-Coat is a solvent-free resin with strong bonds to ceramic and metal. Testing shows better results than silane.

Tooth Extraction | Dental & Dentistry

Your surgical dental assistant, dentist, or oral surgeon will use the appropriate dental instruments to keep your extraction area moist and clean during the procedure. East West extraction instruments give you excellent control during extraction. They're light and well balanced...

Duraflor Ultra™ White 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish

Medicom’s next generation white fluoride varnish delivers our fastest fluoride release* to treat hypersensitivity and produce brilliant results. Duraflor Ultra’s advanced formula releases fluoride within 2-4 hours

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Periodontal Instruments

Periodontal instruments are used to prevent and reverse periodontal disease, and to maintain dental health. East West Instruments is your one-stop source for products used in Periodontal treatments and procedures, from the everyday supplies to the latest technologies needed to perform scaling, root planing, plastic surgery procedures, etc. A number of instruments are used in periodontal health, including probes, hoes, knives, files, scalers, and curettes.

Surgical Instruments

A dental surgery contains instruments and equipment of various shapes, sizes, and functions. Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons rely on East West Instruments for the products and supplies they need to perform oral surgery procedures on patients' mouths, teeth, jaws and faces. East West provides healthcare professionals with solutions for bone grafting, dental implants and tooth extractions.The most commonly used oral surgery instruments during the procedure are straight elevators, extraction forceps, Anesthetic Syringes. surgical Aspirators. Bendable scalpel Blades. Bone Chisels...





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