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Extraction Forceps #23 Cowhorn

Extraction Forceps #23 Cowhorn lower 1st and 2nd molars.

  • Extracting Forceps #23 Cowhorn are used to extract lower first and second molars.


  • Type/Style: Cowhorn
  • MaterialSurgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Brand: East West Instruments USA
  • Extraction Application: 1st Lower Molars, 2nd Lower Molars
  • Package Quantity: 1/Pkg


23 Cowhorn Extraction Forceps

Cowhorn forceps have a unique curved design resembling the shape of a cow’s horn. This shape allows for better access to teeth with unusual root configurations, making them particularly useful in certain tooth extraction procedures.

  • Design: Cowhorn extraction forceps have a unique curved design that resembles the shape of a cow’s horn. They are often used for extracting teeth with curved, conical, or flared roots.
  • Size and Types: Cowhorn extraction forceps come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different tooth types and locations in the mouth.
  • Spring Mechanism: Some cowhorn forceps may feature a spring mechanism that helps open the beaks after gripping the tooth, reducing the effort required during the extraction.


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