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EWI Excavator #14 Standard Solid Handle

  • EWI Excavator #14 Standard Solid Handle, Double End


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  • #14 Excavator, Double End for removal of carious dentin.

  • Excavators are used to remove soft dentin, debris, and decay from teeth.  It can also be used for the removal of other dental materials (temporary cement, etc.).
  • FUNCTION: To remove soft decay and other materials such as temporary restorations and cement from a tooth.
  • FEATURES: Rounded, scoop-like working end Multiple sizes in “spoon” or “blade” shape.  The design of the instrument makes it useful for many tasks.
  • TRAY SETUP: Amalgam, composite, Crown & Bridge
  • Hand Cutting Instruments, Hand-cutting instruments allow the dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant to remove decay manually from teeth for the final restoration. The hand-cutting instruments include the chisel, excavator, elevator, gingival margin trimmer, handpiece, hoe, hatchet, scalar, and Wilson.


  • EWI Dental Instruments come with 1 Year Warranty


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