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150S Pedo Extraction Forceps Serrated Beaks

150S Pedo Extracting Forceps Serrated Beaks


The Extraction Forceps 150S Pedo is a universal dental instrument designed specifically for extracting upper primary teeth and roots from the alveolar bone in pediatric patients.
  • Type/Style150S Pedo, Serrated Beaks
  • MaterialSurgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Brand: East West Instruments USA
  • Extraction Application: Upper Primary teeth, Roots, Universal.
  • Package Quantity: 1/Pkg

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Extraction Forceps 150S Pedo Serrated Beaks


Extraction Forceps 150S Pedo with Serrated Beak are dental instruments specifically designed for use in pediatric dentistry, where the patients are children. The “S” in the name may indicate that they are small-sized forceps suitable for extracting primary (baby) teeth.

  • Pediatric Size: The forceps are smaller in size and designed to fit comfortably in the mouths of children, making them suitable for extracting primary teeth.
  • Serrated Beak: The forceps are equipped with a serrated or textured surface on the beak, which provides a better grip on the smaller and often more delicate primary teeth during the extraction process.
  • Surgical Grade Stainless Steel: High-quality surgical-grade stainless steel construction ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and easy sterilization.
  • Reduced Risk of Tissue Damage: The serrated beak helps minimize the risk of excessive tissue trauma during the extraction of primary teeth.
  • Pediatric-Friendly Handles: The forceps may feature ergonomic handles with a child-friendly design, making them easier to hold and operate for pediatric dentists.
  • Versatility: While primarily used for extracting primary teeth, some pediatric forceps like the 150S may also be suitable for handling certain procedures involving smaller permanent teeth.


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