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Periodontal Instruments

Cotton & Dressing Pliers | Explorers | Mirrors & Mirrors Handles | Periodontal Probes & Explorers | Root Canal, Sickle Scalers & Curettes | Periosteal Elevators | Surgical Chisels & Hoes | Surgical Files | Castroviejo Scissors & Needle Holder

Periodontal instruments used for :

  • Gingival Diseases
  • Non-surgical Treatments
  • Gum Graft Surgery
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Crown Lengthening
  • Plastic Surgery Procedures
  • Pocket Reduction Procedures
Periodontal dental instruments. East West.
Periodontal Instruments

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Cotton dressing pliers, diagnostic dental instrument
Cotton and Dressing Pliers
Explorer 5 DE Diagnostic Dental Instrument
Barnhart | Columbia | Gracey | Goldman Fox | McCalls
Castroviejo Scissors & Needle Holder
Perio probe , Diagnostic instruments.
Probes and Explorers

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Diagnostic instruments are used daily in dental offices dental labs and dentistry colleges etc., and when you need quick and accurate information for every patient the quality matters.

East West Instruments. has a quality that lasts. With the Diagnostic line of instruments from East West Instruments, you never have to compromise, so you aren’t forced to settle on such a critical part of your equipment and techniques.

Periodontal instruments | Instrumentos de Periodontal

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Periodontal instruments are used daily in your office, dentistry colleges, dental labs, and when you need quick and accurate information for every patient the quality matters.

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