Periodontal Instruments

Standard scalars with #4 Hallow handle & other types of scalars.

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EastWest Instruments Inc.
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scalar_3_singleend_47641 **Average customer rating**:

Salar # 3 Single-end

Premium quality scalar #3

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scalar_12_47651 **Average customer rating**:

Scalar #12

Sharp finest quality working ends.

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scalar_204s_47661 **Average customer rating**:

Scalar 204S

Excellent quality working ends.

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scalar_7_8_47671 **Average customer rating**:

Scalar 7/8

Finest quality steel.

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scalar_h6_7_47731 **Average customer rating**:

Scalar H 6/7

Precise sharp working ends. Premium...

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scalar_barnhart_47951 **Average customer rating**:

Scaler Barnhart 5/6

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taylor_2_3_47741 **Average customer rating**:

Taylor 2/3

Exclusive handmade quality working ends.

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whiteside_1_47681 **Average customer rating**:

Whiteside #1

Single End, Scalar

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whiteside_2_singleend_47691 **Average customer rating**:

Whiteside #2

Single End, Scalar

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